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Manual Osteopathic Therapy

Manual Osteopathic Therapy uses hands-on skills for the investigation and treatment of body dysfunctions. The whole body is examined and mechanical disruptions are treated whether symptoms exist in that area or not. 

Imbalances found are gently treated with techniques that engage the dysfunctional tissue until the function is normalized.

Joints are mobilized by muscle-resisted techniques, soft-tissue is restored to healthier states. Fluids are released from congested areas and gently flushed in the direction of drainage. Changes are often felt immediately or shortly after the treatment.

Shoulder Treatment

1 on 1 Training

If you don't have access to any equipment, don't worry, we can head to the gym! A full body assessment focusing on functional movement patterns will be performed so we can learn what areas need help whether that be flexibility, strength imbalances, or past injuries that prevent you from doing what you love. This will allow me to tailor your program specific to your needs.

ICBC Injuries

If you've been in a MVA, look no further this is what you need! As a registered Kinesiologist I can help with your recovery from your MVA related injuries including but not limited to, whiplash, back pain, headaches or concussions. 

I can also refer you to other medical practitioners that will assist in your recovery. 

This can be done in a gym, in your home or over video after we've had our one in-person appointment.


At Home Sweat

If you already have the gym and need a little guidance, I will come to you! I'll start with a full body functional assessment and see how you move, listen to you and your goals and we will take off from there!

Telehealth/Video Call

Do you have some equipment sitting in the corner and a wi-fi signal? Then this is definitely for you! Whether you work from home, caring for others, or are extremely introverted, working out over a video call could be the best thing that happened to you! If you don't have any equipment that's okay! Everyday household items or your own body weight is perfect!

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